The team wanted to choose an easily memorized, sweet name that could inspire sympathy around the world in order to be able to impose itself on the MEME coin scene in a decisive and easily identifiable way.

To represent the project, which was born in the worst BEAR MARKET ever, a very sweet and shy little teddy bear was chosen, who can capture tenderness and attention around him in order to grow and become great.

TEDDY wants to stimulate a change of attitude towards the BEAR MARKET because it is precisely in these conditions that the best opportunities are seized. TEDDY is certainly one of them. 

Love Teddy, Love $BEAR


The Teddy Team is represented by extremely skilled personalities.

  • 1 Blockchain Developer behind 10+ Successful Crypto Projects including 2 MEME Coins.
  • 1 Educational Game Developer
  • 1 Experienced Chief Marketing Officer with over 15 years in large companies
  • 1 Legal professional of an important internationally recognized Family Office who takes care of institutional and investor relations
  • 1 CFO with a 30 years experience in international companies.
  • Graphic Designers who will take care of the TEDDY image, the UX as well as the creation of the TEDDY 3D NFT collection and merchandising.


As a project dedicated to being managed by a DAO and the community, the initial team prefers to remain anonymous until phase 3.


The future of TEDDY is in the development of

  • an AMM DEX complete with an NFT marketplace in Binance Smart Chain to allow users to use TEDDY's for staking, farming and making purchases of unique digital artworks
  • an E-Shop containing physical merchandising. The TEDDY (BEAR) brand lends itself to any use for personalized stuff
  • Interactive and educational GAMES for mobile phones with a target age of children up to 10 years.

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